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Roof measurements in under an hour

Affordable, accurate & fast roof measurements

Get a GAF QuickMeasure™ report — with accurate1 roof measurements and the latest high-resolution imagery — in under 1 hour1 for single-family homes, and under 24 hours1 for multi-family and commercial properties. Available in areas of the U.S. and Canada.

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1Terms and restrictions apply. Visit FAQs for details.

Why choose GAF QuickMeasure™ Reports?

Roof measurements

All the measurements you need including facets, pitch, eaves, rakes, parapet walls and more to help create estimates

A complete list of materials2

A complete roofing materials list based on the measurements and an easy-to-use materials ordering page.

2not available on commercial reports

Interactive 3D Rendering

Each report includes an interactive 3D rendering of the property and even includes a CAD-compatible .dxf file

Get affordable, accurate, and fast roof measurements | GAF QuickMeasure

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Show customers a fully interactive 3D rendering with GAF QuickMeasure™ reports

See your measurements as an interactive 3D rendering.

Roof measurements starting at $18

Get all the measurement details you need, including an interactive 3D rendering, starting at $18 a report for single-family homes, and only $54 for commercial and multi-family properties.

1Terms and restrictions apply. Visit FAQs for details.

3Price is per building.

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Rave reviews for GAF QuickMeasure™ Reports

“GAF QuickMeasure™ reports are quick and accurate. I’m saving a lot of time and money on my estimating needs."

Lester Waxman
Classic Remodeling Corp

“A life-changer… there have been many times I get a report within minutes! Our estimating team has saved time and resources using this.”

Michelle Boykin
Rackley Roofing

“The branding and appearance of the printed document is professional and impressive to customers.”

Sean Tobin
Tobin Roofing

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Additional tools and resources

The GAF QuickMeasure™ report is just one of many powerful business-building tools available from GAF.


Save even more time with the GAF QuickMeasure app

GAF QuickMeasure roof reports available now for iOS and Android.

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