Contractor spraying Hydrostop on roof

Premium Acrylic HydroStop® System

The HydroStop® roof coating system is an affordable solution to extend the life of structurally sound metal roofs.

A fully-reinforced roof coating system assembly that meets FM 4470*

components of hydropstop system

Count on the HydroStop® System for recover, reroof, and new roof applications.

This easy-to-apply roof system offers excellent adhesion to a variety of substrates, including metal, structural concrete, TPO, PVC, Hypalon®, EPDM, polyiso, gypsum roof board, and asphaltic roofs, for a combination of reinforcement and toughness.
*Refer to FM RoofNav for Actual assemblies

Products in the HydroStop® System

Premium Acrylic Hydrostop Top Coat

GAF Premium Acrylic HydroStop® Top Coat

A professional grade, water-based, acrylic elastomeric coating that is part of the GAF Premium Acrylic HydroStop® Coating System. Get documents
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Premium Acrylic Hydrostop Base Coat

GAF Premium Acrylic HydroStop® Base Coat

A water-based acrylic base coat. Used in conjunction with the Premium Acrylic HydroStop® Top Coat and the Premium Fabric, it creates the GAF Premium Acrylic HydroStop® System. Get documents
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HydroStop® System Case Studies

5 simple steps to metal roof restoration

with the HydroStop® System

1. Qualify and prep the roof

  • Ensure the roof is clean, dry, and tight
  • Conduct adhesion test to ensure proper coating adhesion
  • Make any necessary repairs to the sheet metal and secure or replace all loose or missing fasteners
  • Power wash roof using GAF Cleaning Concentrate
  • Install sheet metal crickets behind rooftop units, if needed

2. Prime rusty areas

Roofing contractor treating seams

3. Treat seams and fasteners

  • Seal horizontal seams, ridges and rake edges using a roof brush with GAF Premium Brush-Grade Acrylic Flashing and 12” GAF Premium Fabric (Three-course at a rate of 30 linear feet per gallon)
  • Vertical seams: Seal with GAF Premium Brush-Grade Acrylic Flashing
  • Fasteners: Encapsulate all fasteners using GAF Premium Brush-Grade Flashing
Roof contractor detailing penetrations

4. Detail penetrations

Apply GAF Acrylic Base Coat to help improve adhesion of the GAF Acrylic Top Coat and mitigate any asphaltic bleed-through- Apply Acrylic Base Coat per the specifications for a 10/15 year warranty, can be brushed, rolled, or spray-applied
Roofing contractor coating roof with HydroStop

5. Coat the roof

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