About GAFGLAS® #75 Base Sheet

The extra strength #75 Base Sheets offer excellent nail-holding ability, as well as superb tensile strength and resilience with no bleed through, reducing risks of splitting and cracking of the membrane. They will not rot, curl, or shrink and are dimensionally stable for improved membrane performance. The sealed sheets also serve as an effective flame retarder for the application of torch-applied modified bitumen membranes.

  • System guarantees are available for up to 20 years.
  • Engineered for use in the construction of GAFGLAS® built-up and RUBEROID® modified bitumen roofs.

Features and Benefits

Product Documentation

GAFGLAS® #75 Base Sheet

SBS, APP & BUR roof system product comparisons

Any discussion on asphaltic roofing will involve one or more of these three terms: SBS (Styrene-Butadiene-Styrene), APP (Atactic Polypropylene), and BUR (Built-up roofing). SBS and APP are polymers with unique characteristics, and membranes made with them are classified by ASTM numbers, types and grades. BUR is an assembly method in which multiple layers of felts are installed with hot asphalt in-between.
GAFGLAS® #75 Base Sheet

When is an Asphaltic System the Right Choice?

With the wide variety of roofing technologies available, an asphaltic solution can be your best choice when you’re looking for multi-ply redundancy, enhanced durability, proven performance, high wind uplift and fire-rated assemblies, lower long term performance risk for issued guarantees, high compatibility with other roofing systems, and simplified owner maintenance. Architects and consultants often specify asphaltic solutions for applications such as K-12 schools, higher education low slope buildings, hospitals, data centers, and high-profile federal government projects.
GAFGLAS® #75 Base Sheet

Membrane Base & Cap Sheet Surfacing Options

Asphaltic base and cap sheets come in a wide range of surfacing options — including silica, talcum powder, polyolefin burn-off film, standard and bright white granules, embossed aluminum film, and more — to help accommodate your installation methods and meet your durability and reflectivity expectations.
Asphaltic Roofing 101 Playlist from GAF Commercial

Asphaltic Commercial Roofing 101

Proven historical performance. Time tested durability. Asphaltic roofing products are a go-to material of choice for high end low-slope buildings. Learn more about asphaltic technologies and application techniques, as well as how to decide if asphaltic is the right roofing solution for your next project.

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