About TPO Vents and T-Top Vents:

Save time and labor costs with easy-to-install EverGuard® TPO Vents and EverGuard® T-Top Vents. GAF factory-built accessories reduce risk of leaks and callbacks, and help create a uniform aesthetic.

EverGuard® TPO Vents are manufactured out of reinforced 45 mil TPO membrane and galvanized steel. Custom colors are available.

EverGuard® TPO T-Top Vents are composed of reinforced 60 mil TPO membrane and SMP-painted steel. Custom colors are available.

The vents are part of a comprehensive line of EverGuard® TPO accessories that GAF manufactures using a proprietary formulation designed for use with EverGuard® TPO single-ply membranes.

Vents are designed to be installed on any EverGuard® TPO roofing system. They are installed using conventional techniques. See published application and specifications manual for detailed instructions.

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