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Cold Storage

The right roofing partner can help you achieve the most vital goals of your cold storage facility.

Why choose GAF for your cold storage facility?

Protect Stored Goods

Proper roof design, including selection of reflective membranes and insulation, can help maintain desired interior temperatures.

Safeguard Operations

Proper roof design and installation can help prevent unsafe interior conditions such as condensation, which can cause ice to form on the floor.

Reduce Energy Use

The proper roofing attachment method can help save energy over the lifetime of the roof system.*
*Energy savings are not guaranteed and the amount of savings may vary based on climate zone, utility rates, radiative properties of roofing products, insulation levels, HVAC equipment efficiency and other factors.

Design a GAF system to fit your needs

Work with GAF designers, using GAF products, to design a system that maintains cold interior temperatures while saving energy.* GAF cold storage roof systems incorporate key components, including insulation, cover board, edge metal, and membrane.

Cold storage assembly

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Intro to Cold Storage Roof Systems

Cold storage buildings require unique construction assemblies. Learn more about the primary control layers, their continuity, and their role in reducing the risk of condensation.

Cold Storage Details, Specifications and Resources

Cold Storage Design Guide


TPO Specification


PVC Specification


Cold Storage Details

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Cold storage details

201A-CS Coated Metal Roof Edge Detail:       Download PDF        Download CAD

201C-CS Coated Metal Roof Edge at IWP Detail:       Download PDF        Download CAD

202C-CS Metal Gravel Stop with Hemmed Edge Detail:       Download PDF        Download CAD

203D-CS Metal Roof Edge with Cover Tape at IMP Detail:       Download PDF        Download CAD

205-CS Snap-on Fascia Detail:       Download PDF        Download CAD

232E-CS EZ Fascia Detail:       Download PDF        Download CAD

237-CS Preparation of IMP Walls for Edge Termination Detail:       Download PDF        Download CAD

401D-CS Field Fabricated Expansion Joint Detail - Flat Type:       Download PDF        Download CAD

403D-CS Field Fabricated Wall Expansion Joint Detail - Flat Type:       Download PDF        Download CAD

503C-CS Termination at RTU Detail with Welded Lap:       Download PDF        Download CAD

506B-CS Pre-molded Vent Boot Flashing Detail - Ambient Interior Conditions:       Download PDF        Download CAD

506D-CS Insulated Pipe Penetration Detail with Flashing to Pipe Insulation:       Download PDF        Download CAD

511C-CS Deck Mounted Equipment Support Flashing:       Download PDF        Download CAD

301B-CS Wall Flashing with Surface Mounted Counterflashing Detail:       Download PDF        Download CAD

303B-CS IMP with Coping Cap Detail:       Download PDF        Download CAD

303C-CS Insulated Metal Panel with Coping Cap & SA Vapor Retarder Detail:       Download PDF        Download CAD

309-CS Base Wall Termination with SA Vapor Retarder Detail:       Download PDF        Download CAD

350-CS Air Seal Detail at Steel Deck to Wall Interface:       Download PDF        Download CAD

311A-CS Coated Metal Wall Scupper:       Download PDF        Download CAD

130A-CS Cold to Warm Transition Tie-in Detail:       Download PDF        Download CAD

130B-CS Cold to Warm Transition Tie-in w/IMP above Roof Deck Detail:       Download PDF        Download CAD

130C-CS Cold to Warm Transition Tie-in w/wall below Roof Deck Detail:       Download PDF        Download CAD

130D-CS Cold to Warm Transition Tie-in w/IMP above Roof Deck Detail:       Download PDF        Download CAD

GAF Cold Storage solutions are helping organizations protect what matters most to their businesses, across the U.S.

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