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Hands-on and virtual classes, covering technical skills to business strategy.
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Contractor training center for steep-slope roofing

Choose from a wide range of in--person, online, and video on-demand courses. Wherever you are in your roofing career, GAF CARE offers training for every skill level. Course topics range from installation to in-home selling, offering financing to sharpening business acumen, and much more.
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Why train with GAF CARE

To thrive in this industry you need to build hands-on skills, product knowledge, business expertise, and much more. GAF CARE provides opportunities to continuously level up with some of the best trainers in the industry.

GAF offers courses that cover all aspects of roofing

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Storm restoration

Classes including Xactimate Crash Course help you navigate storm restoration work.
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In-home selling

Go beyond tips and tricks for a deep dive into the business-winning techniques of in-home selling.
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Hands-on install

For entry-level roofers who need the basics to seasoned pros looking to master the latest products and techniques.
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Classes in Spanish

Many courses are available in Spanish, taught by instructors who are native Spanish speakers.
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In-Home Selling

See how professionals are using the new In-Home Selling training program, presented by GAF CARE to make in-home selling more effective, and their companies more successful.
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Storm restoration training

The ability to navigate storm restoration is more crucial than ever to your customers and the growth of your business. Learn about this important topic and more at GAF Learning Portal.

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