About WeatherSide™ Purity™ Fiber‑Cement Siding

  • Classic Look: Virtually identical in size and shape to many old asbestos siding shingles that are no longer available.
  • Safe:  WeatherSide™ Fiber-Cement Siding contains NO asbestos.
  • Fire-Resistant:  UL Classified to ANS/UL723 and is non-combustible in accordance with ASTM E136.
  • Easy Installation:  After properly removing and disposing of any old siding (in accordance with any local, state, and federal regulations regarding asbestos containing products1), nail in place and paint. No caulking required at the joints.
  • Peace Of Mind:  Backed by a 25-year limited warranty.2

1If your project involves the handling, removal, and/or disposal of asbestos containing products, always use a licensed asbestos abatement professional.
2See WeatherSide™ Limited Warranty for complete coverage and restrictions.