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GAF Shingles Provide Proven Wind Protection

By Dawn Killough

April 16, 2020

Contractor installing HDZ

It's no secret that high-wind events can wreak havoc on a roof. However, the use of strong, high-quality roofing materials can protect a home during high winds and other damaging weather events.

GAF's patented LayerLockTM Technology enables excellent adhesion for their shingles, which ultimately contributes to exceptional wind resistence for the entire roof assembly. When installed with the required combination of GAF accessories, GAF shingles with LayerLockTM Technology are eligible for the WindProven limited wind warranty - an industry first limited wind warranty with no maximum wind speed limitation. This protection ensures stronger safeguards for homeowners who live in areas prone to storms.

Benefits of LayerLockTM Technology

One of the primary benefits of using Timberline® HDZ shingles with LayerLockTM Technology is the wider nailing area. It measures close to 1.81 inches wide, which is the industry's largest nailing area.

Expanding this area allows for quicker shingle installation and helps installers avoid missing the nailing zone. In an independent study, workers were able to install shingles with the StrikeZone nailing area 30% faster, and with 99.9% accuracy*. With traditional shingles, missing the nailing zone could lead to performance issues down the road. The nailing area on HDZ shingles increases the likelihood that the nails are placed properly for optimal performance.

The wider nailing zone also benefits contractors during inspections. Brian Lancaster, Director of Sales and Marketing at Stratus Roofing in Orlando, notes that the larger strike zone on HDZ shingles makes it easier for installers to meet the requirements of local jurisdictions and pass their inspections.

According to Lancaster, the biggest selling point for customers in his area is the wind warranty. "As long as we're using the shingles plus four qualifying GAF accessories, then we're able to offer an infinite wind warranty for those first 15 years. And there's no other shingle on the market that does that."

The GAF WindProvenTM Limited Wind Warranty** helps protect homeowners after installation without placing a limit on the speed of the wind in the event of shingle blow offs—a real advantage in hurricane-prone Florida and other regions that face wind storms. Lancaster says that even when it means a slightly higher price, this allows him to provide homeowners with additional protection and peace of mind.

How it Works

GAF LayerLockTM Technology is based on the mechanical fusing of the shingle layers. Lancaster compares the technology to superglue—it's tacky to the touch and extremely sticky. Other brands of shingles use a similar bonding strip, but as Lancaster explains, "This is different, because it literally creates a multilayer effect in a way that's unique from other products."

The two layers of the laminate shingle are fused together during manufacturing, according to GAF Senior Product Manager Dan Witte. This creates a much larger nailing zone for the installer. As the shingles are already connected, these mechanical punches help make the larger nailing area possible.

layerlock diagram

Protection During Wind Events

The WindProvenTM Limited Wind Warranty offers an industry first - a roofing warranty with no maximum wind speed limitation. When you install qualifying GAF shingles with LayerLockTM Technology, plus GAF starter strip shingles, roof deck protection, ridge cap shingles and your choice of leak barrier or attic ventilation, you are automatically eligible for the WindProven Limited Wind Warranty - a 15-year limited warranty providing coverage in the event of shingle blow-offs no matter how fast the wind blows. **

Lancaster noted that they haven't had any hurricanes in their service area during the past year, but have had some high-wind events. They have received no reported issues of any damage of any kind from their clients who had HDZ shingle roofs installed.

Timberline® HDZ shingles with LayerLockTM Technology allow contractors to install shingles faster and with more accuracy. The benefits extend to homeowners, who have greater peace of mind knowing their roof is covered by the GAF WindProvenTM Limited Wind Warranty. When it comes to protecting roofs, it's a winning combination.

To learn even more about the WindProvenTM Limited Wind Warranty and receive a free digital selling kit, visit

*Results based on study conducted by Home Innovation Research Labs, an independent research lab, comparing installation of Timberline HD® Shingles to Timberline® HDZ™ Shingles on a 16-square roof deck using standard 4-nail nailing pattern under controlled laboratory conditions. Actual results may vary.

**15-year WindProven™ limited wind warranty on Timberline® HDZ™ Shingles requires the use of GAF starter strips, roof deck protection, ridge cap shingles, and leak barrier or attic ventilation. See GAF Roofing System Limited Warranty for complete coverage and restrictions. Visit for qualifying GAF products.

About the Author

Dawn Killough is a freelance writer in the construction, finance, and accounting fields. She is the author of an ebook about green building and writes for construction tech and green building websites. She lives in Salem, Oregon with her husband and four cats.

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If you're a homeowner researching new roofing options, you may be seeing a lot of information on architectural shingles as a popular choice for roof replacements. So, what are architectural shingles? Let's dive in to learn all about architectural shingles and why they are growing in popularity.Types of Asphalt ShinglesThere are many different types of roof shingles to choose from when it comes to replacing your roof. From three-tab shingles, which are one of the most economical choices, to architectural shingles to luxury designer styles, plenty of options exist for you to choose from.Architectural shingles are also known as dimensional or laminated shingles. They are made up of multiple layers of asphalt-coated fiberglass that are laminated together, giving them their dimensional appearance.What Is the Purpose of Architectural Shingles?The purpose of any roof shingle is to help protect your home from the elements. It's an added bonus if the shingle also delivers an aesthetic appeal that adds to the style of the home. This is one of the reasons behind the development of architectural shingles.They were introduced to the market in the 1970s and '80s to give homeowners a roof that created an architectural interest for the home and could also provide the higher-end look of genuine slate or natural cedar shakes without the added weight, costs, and maintenance.How Do Architectural Shingles Differ from Standard Shingles?The three-tab shingle is made of a single layer of asphalt-coated fiberglass and cut into three equal tabs. It's lightweight, easy to install, and provides a flat, even appearance on the roof.Architectural shingles differ from the three-tab ones in that they are made with multiple layers of fiberglass mat. It's what gives them their dimension and aesthetic appeal. The multiple layers of asphalt-coated fiberglass are laminated together, making it more dimensional than three-tab shingles. Some architectural shingles may be covered by better warranties than three-tab shingles.GAF Timberline® HDZ™ is an architectural shingle that, when installed with the required combination of GAF accessories is eligible for the WindProvenTM Limited Wind Warranty* with no maximum wind speed limitation.Should You Consider Architectural Shingles?Now that we've answered the question "What are architectural shingles?" it's time to consider whether they are the right choice for your home. Many factors go into what type of shingle to choose for your home, starting with your own personal style. Your budget and warranty expectations may also play a role as well as how long you plan to stay in your home.Architectural shingles are a popular type of asphalt shingles that offer homeowners an affordable option to help protect their home from the elements while also delivering style. They are available in a variety of color options that will complement just about every home.It may help to check out what types of roofing styles and colors other homes in your neighborhood have. This might spark inspiration for what you want for your own home. You can also "try on" new architectural shingles virtually through the GAF visualizer tool. Choose a house style that is similar to yours or upload a photo or your home to envision the various colors and style your own look.Once you find a look that appeals to you, connect with a GAF-certified contractor** who can install your new architectural shingle roof.*15-year WindProven™ limited wind warranty on Timberline HDZ® Shingles requires the use of GAF starter strips, roof deck protection, ridge cap shingles, and leak barrier or attic ventilation. See GAF Roofing System Limited Warranty for complete coverage and restrictions. Visit for qualifying GAF products.**Contractors enrolled in GAF certification programs are not employees or agents of GAF, and GAF does not control or otherwise supervise these independent businesses. Contractors may receive benefits, such as loyalty rewards points and discounts on marketing tools from GAF for participating in the program and offering GAF enhanced warranties, which require the use of a minimum amount of GAF products.

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July 20, 2022

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Installing a Timberline HDZ® Roof with Jon Peters

Considering a new roof? Do what the pros do. When home improvement influencer and GAF Partner Jon Peters started planning a new roof installation, he chose Timberline HDZ® shingles and a GAF Master Elite Contractor. "Our roof not only looks beautiful with Weathered Wood, the shingle color we picked, but we're confident we have a roof we can trust here at the Jersey Shore," he says. Learn about Jon's experience each step of the way.Installing a new roof can be complex, even for construction industry veterans. Jon Peters has over 30 years of professional woodworking and cabinet-making experience; almost 600,000 followers on YouTube; more than 100,000 Instagram followers; and nearly 70,000 Facebook followers hooked on his home improvement DIY tutorials. Nonetheless, he still hesitated to install a new roof. Fortunately, when the time came, he knew to rely on a licensed roofing professional. "Most projects I try to do myself, but a new roof is just too big of a job for me," Jon explained.Getting a QuoteJon called Garden State Roofing in New Jersey thanks to a friend's recommendation. The company sent over Pete, a salesperson, to provide a free estimate. Trustworthy sales representatives can offer expertise and help determine whether a home needs a roof repair or roof replacement. Pete also walked Jon through the entire roof replacement process so he knew exactly what to expect.Pete explained how the crew would bring dumpsters and prep the roofing project, then tarp off and protect gardens and other vulnerable areas. Next, they'd tear off the roof from the ridge down. If the crew found any rotten sheathing, they would replace it or recommend repairs. Only then would roof installation actually begin. "One thing I was particularly impressed with was the fact they added a cricket behind the chimney," Jon says. "The cricket is a V-shaped structure that helps divert water around the chimney instead of allowing it to puddle up behind it."Jon also learned that he'd be working with a GAF Master Elite Roofing Contractor*. "As a homeowner, it's important for me to choose trusted products and hire a trained, experienced contractor," Jon says. GAF Master Elite certification means that the contractor is licensed where required, insured, in good standing with the BBB, and trained in high-quality installation methods using the latest technologies.Choosing a ShingleWith a clear understanding of the process and confidence in the contractor, Jon decided to work with Garden State Roofing. Together with Pete, he picked Timberline HDZ® shingles in Weathered Wood.Jon's decision was the result of a few intersecting factors:Personal experience: Jon has always had a great experience with GAF Products—his barn roof is also from GAF.Smart Design: The new Timberline HDZ® shingle has the widest strike zone in the industry, making it easy to accurately place nails in the nailing zone.Technology: LayerLock™ Technology just makes good sense, mechanically fusing the common bond between overlapping shingle layers during production.Aesthetics: Paired with great color selections, the three-dimensional design of the shingle makes for a great-looking roof that adds curb appeal and value to the home.Wind Protection: When installed with the required combination of four qualifying GAF accessories, the Timberline HDZ® shingle is eligible for the WindProven™ Limited Wind Warranty**—the first wind warranty with no maximum wind speed limitation—which can come in handy during a storm.Approaching Installation DayOn installation day, the crew arrived at 7:00 a.m. and finished the job around 5:00 p.m. Jon knew that the team wasn't sacrificing quality for speed—he felt confident in their work thanks to the combination of the contractor's GAF Master Elite certification* and their use of efficient shingle technology."The LayerLock™ Technology powers the industry's widest nail zone—the StrikeZone™ nailing area—which makes for a fast installation of the shingle and also makes it easy to properly place nails," Jon explains. "Plus, the Dura Grip™ adhesive on the back of the shingle seals them to the roof and reduces the risk of blow-offs." This offers a certain peace of mind in high-wind areas like the Jersey Shore, where Jon lives.As a finishing touch, the roofing crew installed the Cobra Ridge Vent to help ventilate the attic, an integral part of GAF roofing systems. "Cobra Ridge Vents help to exhaust excess heat and moisture from the attic that can damage the roof. It's used as part of a balanced system of ventilation consisting of both exhaust at the ridge and intake at or near the soffits," says Jon.Enjoying the Finished ProductDespite putting off the project for years, Jon was delighted with the process and the outcome of his new roof. He noted that the whole process was painless—ultimately, Jon had his old roof removed and his new roof installed in just one day. "I couldn't be happier with my new GAF Timberline HDZ® roof and the Weathered Wood shingle color we chose. It looks great!"The day after installation, the gutters and downspouts were installed. "Since then, we've had a few classic summer downpours, and I'm happy to say that the roof is keeping the water out as expected," said Jon. "We are confident that we have a roof we can trust here at the Jersey Shore."If you're thinking of a new roof, Jon recommends considering the GAF Timberline HDZ® shingle and a GAF Certified Contractor.**Contractors enrolled in GAF certification programs are not employees or agents of GAF, and GAF does not control or otherwise supervise these independent businesses. Contractors may receive benefits, such as loyalty rewards points and discounts on marketing tools from GAF for participating in the program and offering GAF enhanced warranties, which require the use of a minimum amount of GAF products.**15-year WindProven™ limited wind warranty on Timberline HDZ® Shingles requires the use of GAF starter strips, roof deck protection, ridge cap shingles, and leak barrier or attic ventilation. See GAF Roofing System Limited Warranty for complete coverage and restrictions. Visit for qualifying GAF products.

By Authors Annie Crawford

February 09, 2022

A contractor repairing a residential roof
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What Is a Roofing Square?

If your home is about to undergo a new roofing project, you may hear your contractor refer to the size of your roof in squares.What is a roofing square? It's simply a unit of measurement that contractors use to calculate the amount of materials your roof replacement will require. In turn, they will use this information to develop your roof estimate.What Is a Roofing Square?A roofing square is an area of roof that measures 10 by 10 feet to make up a total of 100 square ft. This critical unit of measurement helps your contractor determine how much material they'll need to order for your roofing project, from underlayment to bundles of roof shingles.Roofers determine the number of roofing squares required for an installation by measuring the length and the width of each plane that exists on your roof and multiplying the two numbers to get the square footage of each particular plane. A simple roof such as a gable style will have two planes—one at the front of the house and one toward the back. Other roof styles may have more, depending on their architectural style. Once a contractor has the square footage of each of the planes, they add them together to get the total number of squares.So, if your roof is 25 squares, what does that mean? The number of squares is derived by taking the total measured square footage and dividing by 100. In this case, the total square footage is 2,500.What Is a Bundle of Shingles?A bundle refers to how the asphalt shingle manufacturer packages the product. The package or bundle must be able to be lifted and moved around the roof fairly easily, which is why the manufacturer limits each package to a manageable weight. The contractor will determine the number of bundles needed for a project based on the measurements taken and the number of squares on your roof.While roofing squares make it easier to determine how many bundles of shingles your home's roof requires, other factors play a role in the estimating process. If your roof features architectural details, it will have more rakes, valleys, and eaves, resulting in more starting and stopping points. Contractors will also consider the number of overhangs and dormers—these features add to the style of the home, but they can also lead to shingle waste during the installation. Your contractor will add in a waste factor and potentially adjust their charges depending on the complexity and pitch of your roof.How Many Shingles Are in a Bundle?The answer to this question will vary based on the type of roofing material you have chosen. For instance, when you select asphalt shingles such as GAF Timberline® HDZ™, you can expect to need about three bundles to cover one roofing square. Your GAF-certified contractor* will use roofing squares to figure out the number of bundles of shingles needed to develop your roof estimate and determine the cost of your roofing project.How Can You Visualize Your New Roof?Often, the hardest part of a roofing project isn't navigating the logistics of squares and bundles but deciding which shingle is right for your home. The large selection of styles and colors can seem overwhelming. To make the decision easier, GAF has developed a no-cost virtual remodeling tool that lets you see how different shingle colors will look on your home. You can even change the color of the siding and doors. Choose a preloaded model home or upload a photo of your own home to try on the new style before you commit.Choosing a GAF-Certified ContractorEquipped with an understanding of the basics of roofing squares, bundles of shingles, and how contractors use this information to develop an estimate, it's time to choose a contractor for your roofing project. GAF has one of the largest networks of trained and experienced roofers ready to install your new roof.*Contractors enrolled in GAF certification programs are not employees or agents of GAF, and GAF does not control or otherwise supervise these independent businesses. Contractors may have agreed that they will use GAF roofing products, and may receive benefits, such as loyalty rewards points and discounts on marketing tools from GAF for participating in the program.

By Authors Karen L Edwards

November 04, 2021

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