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Lake Sheen Estate Showcase Home Features GAF TPO Roofing

By Karen L Edwards

May 31, 2022

House with a flat roof on a lake in Florida.

Every year manufacturers are invited to showcase their products at the International Builders' Show, a great stop for anyone in the building industry. In 2022, while attending the show in Orlando, FL, visitors were able to take the opportunity to go offsite and visit the Lake Sheen Showcase Home, featuring top-performing products in the industry.

Building Tomorrow's Home

Located in the Doctor Phillips area of Central Florida, the showcase home lies just minutes from the Disney theme parks and is situated along the banks of the Butler chain of lakes. The Lake Sheen Showcase Home incorporates design and construction elements reminiscent of Florida's picturesque waterways. A pool on the second floor cascades over a first-floor living room in a beautiful 13-foot-tall waterfall. Expansive 12-foot-wide windows look out over the nearby lake and out onto a giant mango trees.

The interior of the home, designed by Rob Turner of CRT Studio, carries these ideas forward in a clean, focused execution of coastal and contemporary styles. High ceilings and large windows with clear sight lines throughout the house emphasize that the contemporary house is at home in its natural setting.

Hardwick General Contracting built the three-story, 7,461-square-foot home to Florida Green Building Coalition (FGBC) standards. FGBC's mission is "to lead and promote sustainability with environmental, economic, and social benefits through regional education and certification programs." Two of the FGBC requirements are directly related to the roofing system, including the energy efficiency of the home and the ability to mitigate damage from natural disasters.

Using a Flat Roof

Florida is just one area of the country now seeing more new homes with flat roofs, according to Greg Hardwick, owner of Hardwick General Contracting. "We first saw them gaining popularity in the mid-2000s, and we needed to find a product that was different from the standard tile or shingles that we were used to seeing here," explains Hardwick. "So, we had to come up with something that wasn't widely used for residential construction for these modern homes, and the answer to that question is TPO."

Hardwick notes that the GAF EverGuard® 60-mil TPO was a good fit for the home's roof because of its durability and reflectivity. "When you look at other roofing products that are out there, where you're trying to get a high solar reflective value, TPO is a great option," says Hardwick.

Hardwick goes on to say that GAF TPO has years of proven performance in the commercial sector, so it made sense to bring it over into the residential side of the industry. "We've now been using TPO since about 2008 on residential flat roofs to provide protection from weather elements, but you also benefit because the product can help meet reflectivity requirements of green certified construction."

Installing the Roof

The GAF EverGuard® 60-mil TPO roofing system was installed over a roof deck made up of spray foam insulation that was topped with an engineered wood panel that included a factory weather resistive barrier (WRB) and integrated seam tape system to provide additional protection. The roofing crew installed a layer of six-ounce Polymat over the OSB sheathing before mechanically fastening the 60-mil TPO membrane to the roof.

Prefabricated accessories, including inside/outside corners and pipe boots, made for a smooth and fast installation, says Hardwick. "That roof went on extremely fast, and I think a lot of those prefab materials really helped with that," he says. "They helped not only in speed but in the appearance as well. The house has huge, fixed windows that look out to the lake—but, as you're getting to the lake, you can see a significant portion of the roof. So, with these prefabricated pieces, it's very clean and professional looking."

Want to know more about the GAF TPO roofing system? Contact your local GAF rep to learn more about the roof chosen to protect tomorrow's homes.

Rendering by Green Apple Architecture

About the Author

Karen L. Edwards is a freelance writer for the construction industry and has a passion for roofing, having worked in the industry for 20 years.

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Self-adhered TPO being installed on commercial roof
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Time-Saving Products & Tips for Your Commercial Roofing Business

With the labor pool stretched thin, finding time-saving products is high on many contractors' to-do lists. Saving time doesn't mean jeopardizing quality as manufacturers continually work to deliver solutions that help increase efficiency while still delivering a first-class installation.To help contractors save time while still producing high-quality work, GAF offers several products that can help a commercial roofing business do more in less time.1. How Long Does Spray Adhesive Take to Dry?EverGuard® TPO Quick Spray Adhesive has a flash time of five minutes or less and can be applied 50% faster than traditional bucket and roller adhesive. When used properly, a single canister can cover the installation of approximately 10 squares, compared to the approximately three squares of installation a bucket can cover. (As with all adhesives, the substrate's porosity can impact coverage rates.)Because it's a solvent-based adhesive, it's sprayable, allowing installers to quickly bond thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO) membrane to a variety of approved substrates. Simply spray it uniformly onto the substrate and the back of the membrane. Then, apply pressure with a broom or weighted roller to ensure adhesion and heat-weld the seams.2. How Do TPO Accessories Save Time?It can take a significant amount of time, experience, and know-how to properly measure, cut, and hand-weld details. GAF TPO accessories are available for most details of a rooftop, offering a full line of vent and pipe boots, tube wraps, pourable sealer pockets, and universal corners that can be cut to accommodate either an inside or outside corner.When the accessory is ready to install with no field fabrication, you'll find that installers not only save time but also achieve consistent quality in all the flashings while boosting their productivity.3. How Does Fabricated Edge Metal Save Time?Fabricating edge metal in the field requires time and experience, not to mention the additional equipment needed to form the metal. GAF Perimeter Edge Metal saves hours of time in the field, and the coping, drip edges, fascia, and accessories are easy to install with features like prepunched holes to ensure the secure termination of the membrane.Because all GAF edge metal is tested and compliant with the ANSI/SPRI ES-1, FM, Miami Dade, and Florida Building Code for IBC, you can have confidence in knowing that the most critical point on the roof—the perimeter—has the highest protection.4. What Is a Self-Adhered Roofing System?A self-adhered roofing system is up to 60% faster to install than a roof that is traditionally adhered. Self-adhered TPO eliminates the need to apply adhesive altogether. EverGuard® SA TPO Self-Adhered Roof Membrane comes with the adhesive already applied on the back of the membrane. Once positioned, the crew just folds the membrane sheet back, removes the release liner to expose the factory-applied adhesive, lays the membrane in place, and brooms in the sheet. The crew then uses a weighted roller and heat-welds the seams.You not only save time during the installation, but you also save time cleaning up the jobsite as there are no buckets, rollers, or containers to dispose of.5. How Does a Self-Adhered Vapor Barrier Work?GAF SA Vapor Retarder XL relies on an advanced, high-tack butyl rubber adhesive and is self-sealing, resulting in three times the peel strength of modified bitumen self-adhered vapor barriers.It also saves time right off the bat by eliminating the need for primer prior to installation. The large, six-square rolls reduce the number of rolls needed per job, resulting in fewer seams. Its extreme durability allows it to be left exposed to the elements for up to six months when properly installed, plus it provides a slip-resistant walking surface for added safety.6. Can Using PVC Save Time?Time studies have proven that EverGuard® PVC can be installed up to 50% faster than traditional adhered systems when using EverGuard® PVC Quick-Lay Adhesive. PVC is extremely versatile when it comes to installation methods as it can be adhered, mechanically attached, or induction welded. Available accessories and adhesives also speed up the installation.7. How Can Wider Membrane Rolls Save Time?When self-adhered TPO isn't an option, roofers can make their installation time more efficient by using rolls of membrane that are wider than the standard 10 feet, known as extra-wide roll roofing. GAF offers 12-foot-wide rolls of membrane that are ideal for jobs with large, open rooftop areas. As well as providing more coverage in less time, these 20%-wider rolls mean fewer seams to weld.Learn from the Highly Trained Professionals at GAFGAF offers a robust video library featuring roofing veterans Dave Scott and Wally Brown. Their Roofing It Right series features how-to videos, including a self-adhered membrane product overview. These videos cover topics as diverse as roof inspections, core cuts, tear-offs, and installations.The GAF Commercial team offers step-by-step support with highly trained, regionally based professionals who can understand your unique challenges in tapered design, product installation, energy efficiency, sustainability, and more. Find your local team and save time.

By Authors Karen L Edwards

October 13, 2023

A roof with a fleeback membrane being installed by contractors.
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What to Know about Fleece-Back TPO

As a contractor, you're constantly on the lookout for ways to get the job done quickly while continuing to provide a high level of quality to customers. Carefully selecting the materials you use can help—and with new roofing technologies being developed every day, you have a lot of options.Thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO) single-ply membranes are a cost-effective solution for commercial roofs. And when you add a fleece backing, the resulting fleece-back TPO adds even more durability, protection, and strength to the system. The material can be used for both reroofing projects and new installations.The Benefits of Fleece-Back TPO MembranesHere are a few reasons TPO with a fleece backing might be the perfect solution for your next roofing job:1. Performance and DurabilityFleece-back TPO, like GAF Everguard® TPO Fleece-Back Membrane, provides excellent performance and durability. It's available in a variety of new thicknesses that make it easier than ever to find one that's suitable for your project. For instance, the GAF EverGuard® TPO Fleece‑Back 100, 115, and 135 Membranes offer good impact resistance, as some systems are approved under Factory Mutual (FM) 4470 - Very Severe Hail (Class 1 - VSH).* These membranes are especially suitable for high-traffic roofs, because they provide added protection during regular maintenance of HVAC systems, for example.2. Ease of InstallationInstalling fleece-back TPO membranes can be done easily and efficiently, saving roofers time and labor. They can be mechanically attached for fast installation, or combined with adhesives like the GAF LRF Adhesive XF to reduce overall thermal bridging and add wind resistance capabilities.Commercial building owners and property managers that want jobs finished as quickly as possible will find mechanically attached fleece-back TPO membranes to be an excellent option. Watch the following video to see how they're installed:Because of their versatility, fleece-back TPO membranes are also a popular choice for reroofing projects if your customer isn't looking to completely remove an existing roof:3. UV Ray Protection and Energy SavingsFleece-back TPO membranes come in white and light colors, and they're designed to be ultraviolet (UV) resistant and reflect the sun's rays. By reflecting the sun rays away from the roof, white or light fleeceback TPO membranes can help lower the temperature of the roof and increase the roof's longevity.4. Excellent Warranty or Guarantee CoverageThe robust build of fleece-back TPO membranes means manufacturers can often offer good warranty or guarantee coverage. Depending on the thickness of the membrane and the method of attachment, you could be covered from 20 to 25—or even up to 30—years. This reflects confidence in the quality of the material and provides peace of mind for property owners and managers.Other Considerations for Fleece-Back TPO RoofingWhile fleece-back TPO membrane is typically more expensive than other commercial roofing solutions like smooth TPO, the installed cost may be comparable depending on the installation method used: you can estimate the cost of the EverGuard® Fleece-Back TPO needed for your project using the TPO Material Calculator on the GAF EverGuard® TPO Fleece‑Back Membrane product page. As an added benefit, GAF EverGuard® TPO membranes are made in the U.S.A. with domestic and imported materials.The speedy installation possible with these membranes is convenient for customers and contractors alike, and the durability provides long-term performance. Plus, the fleece-back TPO works well in all areas—even those with harsh weather—so it's not limited to specific locations.If this TPO sounds like the perfect material for your next project, visit the GAF EverGuard® TPO Fleece‑Back product page to learn more.*See FM Global Data Sheet 1-34 for more information. Visit for approved assemblies.

By Authors Mark Soto

June 27, 2023

Roof inspection in progress
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Professional Roof Maintenance Protects Your Building and Your Business

Your roof is the great unsung hero of both your building envelope and your bottom line. Although it's rarely seen, it's constantly under assault from the elements, including rain, wind, extreme cold and heat, UV rays, contaminants, and more. And it forms the first line of defense against unexpected and unwanted expenses.Like tossing a stone into a still river, postponing roof maintenance can drive financial ripples throughout your entire business, from shortening the longevity of the roof itself to disrupting business, employees, and tenants.On the other hand, making sure your roof receives professional roof maintenance can pay off in ways you may never have expected. Perhaps the greatest benefit of a regular maintenance program is the chance to catch issues early and while they are still repairable. This can help extend the time between re-roofs and maximize the value of your investment. But that's just the start.Let's start at the top. Regular, professional roof maintenance can help protect your roof investment by giving you a chance to:Identify small problems, like loose flashings, clogged drains, standing water, and so on, before they become expensive issuesPrevent accumulation of chemical contaminants that may harm the roof membraneRemove wind-blown debris that can damage, or even puncture, the roofKeep reflective surfaces clean so they can provide maximum reflectivityRemove organic debris that can provide a food source for destructive algae, plants, birds, and four-legged pestsMeet the owner maintenance requirements in GAF guaranteesPotentially qualify your roof for the GAF WellRoof Guarantee Extension, which extends the duration of GAF Diamond Pledge™ NDL Roof Guarantees by up to 25% for eligible roofs (additional requirements and restrictions apply)Below the roof, professional maintenance can help prevent lost revenue from:Damage to building contentsDissatisfied tenantsPremises liability exposureReduced space as leaks put rooms or floors out of serviceEquipment downtimePotential energy loss caused by wet/deteriorated insulationIt's important to keep in mind that one storm can alter the condition of your roof in a matter of hours. Having a professional inspect right away for debris, water, clogged drains, loosened flashings, and wind uplift can often mean the difference between a simple clean-up and an expensive repair.If you'd like to set up a preventative maintenance program, please visit

By Authors Don Kilcoyne

May 31, 2023

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