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Largest Independent TPO Study Results

GAF engaged Structural Research Inc. (SRI), a well-known and highly respected laboratory that has done testing with UL, NRCA, and MRCA, to perform the largest, independent performance study of the four major U.S. TPO brands.

Why EverGuard®?

EverGuard Extreme® Blows Away the Competition
EverGuard Extreme® TPO blows away standard TPO and here’s the proof.

EverGuard® Blows Away the Competition
EverGuard® out performs all competitive standard TPO in heat aging far exceeding the ASTM standard at over 100 days

Extreme Property Owners
A roof that protects your facility is one of the most important features of your property

EverGuard Extreme® for Contractors
Differentiating your business from standard TPOs

EverGuard® TPO Pre-Fabricated Accessories vs. Field Fabrication
Side-by-side comparison with labor cost and time savings

EverGuard® TPO Installation Mistakes
Learn about common EverGuard® TPO installation mistakes

Commercial Contractor Program
Overview of Commercial Contractor Program

How-To Installation

EverGuard® TPO Welding
The proper steps to creating successful welds

EverGuard® TPO and PVC Cleaning
Procedures to properly clean EverGuard® TPO and PVC

Installing TPO Pipe Boots
How to install a split pipe boot

Probing TPO Seams
How to probe TPO seams

Hand Welding TPO, Part 1
How to hand weld TPO seams

Hand Welding TPO, Part 2
How to hand weld TPO seams

Installing a T-joint Patch
How to install a TPO T-joint patch

Installing an Outside Corner Detail with Universal Corner
How to install TPO outside corner detail with universal corner

Installing Inside Corner Detail with Universal Corner
How to install TPO inside corner detail with universal corner

GardenScapes Green Roofing

GardenScapes System
GardenScapes system is your best and safest choice for garden roofing

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