Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Energy Star®

Q: What is ENERGY STAR®?
A: ENERGY STAR® is a program created by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) intended to create a partnership between the Federal government and manufacturers of energy-efficient products.

Q: What is the primary purpose of the ENERGY STAR® program?
The purpose is to recognize products and services that have been found to be energy efficient in an easily recognizable way through the use of the ENERGY STAR® logo on such products and services and helps guide the consumer in their buying choices. Only products that have met guidelines established by the EPA for the ENERGY STAR® program and whose companies have become ENERGY STAR® partners may use the logo

Q: Are roof products the only products that are part of the ENERGY STAR® program?
No. The ENERGY STAR® Program is a program that can involve many products consumers commonly use that are designed to be more energy efficient than other products of the same type. For example, appliances that use less energy to operate, may qualify as products that can carry the ENERGY STAR® logo.

Q: How are roof products considered to be energy efficient
The EPA has determined that highly reflective roofs on low slope (2:12 slopes or less) roofs can save on cooling costs.

Q: Has ENERGY STAR® created guidelines for determining whether a low slope roofing product is reflective or not?
Yes. They are composed of reflectivity testing per ASTM E903 or ASTM C1549. Additionally,
• Product must meet or exceed initial reflectivity of 0.65.
• Maintenance of Reflectivity must be 0.50 AND be obtained from testing of specimens from at least three identified existing roofs that have been installed for a minimum of three years. A minimum of three specimens per roof is required to be tested. Roof specimens may be cleaned with soap and water before testing and the individual data points are averaged. At least one of the identified roofs must be located within a major metropolitan area.

Q: Where can I find products that meet the ENERGY STAR® requirements?
The EPA maintains a website -
Scroll down to the manufacturer you want for a list of their ENERGY STAR® compliant products. 

Q: Does GAFMC produce products that meet ENERGY STAR® criteria?
Yes, many of our roof membranes and coatings comply with ENERGY STAR® criteria.

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