GAF Headquarters building in Parsippany, NJ.

GAF Leadership

Executive Leadership Team

Headshot of John Altmeyer, Chief Executive Officer at GAF.
John Altmeyer
Chief Executive Officer
Headshot of Randy Bargfrede, Chief Operating Officer of GAF.
Randy Bargfrede
Chief Operations Officer
Headshot of Martin DeBono, President of GAF Energy
Martin DeBono
President, GAF Energy
Headshot of Andy Hilton, Chief Communications and Corporate Social Responsibility Officer of GAF.
Andy Hilton
Chief Communications and Corporate Social Responsibility Officer
Headshot of Brian Kimber, EVP, Sales of GAF.
Brian Kimber
EVP, Sales
Headshot of Alex Liebman, Head of Corporate Development and Strategy of GAF.
Alex Liebman
Head of Corporate Development
and Strategy
Headshot of Matt Loncar, General Counsel of GAF.
Matt Loncar
General Counsel
Headshot of John Maitner, Chief Financial Officer of GAF.
John Maitner
Chief Financial Officer
Headshot of Chris Rector, Chief Marketing Officer of GAF.
Chris Rector
Chief Marketing Officer
Headshot of Dion Rooney, Chief Information Officer of GAF.
Dion Rooney
Chief Information Officer
Headshot of Steph Shaw, Chief Human Resources Officer of GAF.
Stephanie Shaw
Chief Human Resources Officer
Headshot of Abdallah Simaika, Chief of Staff of GAF.
Abdallah Simaika
Chief of Staff

Headshot of Jim Durkin, SVP of Steep Slope Systems Sales of GAF.
Jim Durkin
SVP, Steep Slope Systems Sales
Headshot of Alma Garnett, SVP of Commercial Roofing Sales of GAF.
Alma Garnett
SVP, Commercial Roofing Sales
Headshot of Pete Vollmar, SVP of Sales Operations of GAF.
Pete Vollmar
SVP, Sales Operations