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Drill-Tec™ Heavy Duty #14

Roofing Fastener

The Drill-Tec™ Heavy Duty #14 Roofing Fastener is designed to secure insulation to heavy steel (18 ga.– 20 ga.). It is available in lengths from 1-1/4” – 16”. The Drill-Tec Heavy Duty Roofing Fastener is Factory Mutual and Dade County approved.


The fastener will be a Drill-Tec™ Heavy Duty #14 Roofing Fastener with a shank diameter of .190 and a thread diameter of .245. The fastener must have 10 threads per inch and have a 30° spade point. Also, the fastener must be heat treated per specification OMG-1. The Drill-Tec Heavy Duty Roofing Fastener will be used with a Factory Mutual approved, Drill-Tec round pressure plate. The fastener must be Factory Mutual approved and made in the U.S.

Coating Requirement

The fastener will be coated with the Drill-Tec CR-10 corrosion resistant coating. When subjected to 30 Kesternich cycles (DIN 50018), the fastener must show less than 15% red rust and surpass Factory Mutual Approval Standard 4470.


The Drill-Tec Heavy Duty #14 Roofing Fastener must penetrate steel decks a minimum of 3/4”. Using a screw-shooter, drive the fastener until the screw head is seated securely; with very rigid insulation boards, watch for the plate to dimple.
Note: Be careful not to overdrive the fastener and fracture the skin of the insulation. Fastener must be tight enough so that the plate doesn’t turn. Factory Mutual requires that the fastener penetrate the steel deck at the top flute.

Physical Data

Head Diameter: .435
Head Style: #3 Phillips Truss
Thread Diameter: .245
Shank Diameter: .190
Packaging: 250, 500,1000/carton


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