Modified Bitumen Roofing - StormSafe Anchor Sheet

StormSafe Anchor Sheet


StormSafe™ Anchor Sheet for self-adhered membranes is a tough, non-breathable synthetic anchor sheet designed and manufactured to meet industry and code requirements for self-adhered low slope roofing applications.

It is a polypropylene woven fabric coated on both sides with polypropylene. StormSafe™ Anchor Sheet is designed for use as an anchor sheet for Liberty™ (Modified Bitumen) and Freedom™ TPO self-adhered roof systems.

StormSafe™ Anchor Sheet’s woven fabric creates a tough, durable reinforcement and its polypropylene coating makes it suitable for many applications. StormSafe™ Anchor Sheet is alkaline resistant, making it suitable for use over lightweight insulating concrete systems. The tough woven fabric makes it extremely tear resistant. In addition, the polypropylene coating ensures a good bond with both the butyl adhesive of Freedom™ membranes and the SBS modified adhesive of Liberty™ SA Base/Ply and Liberty™ Cap membranes.


StormSafe™ Anchor Sheet should be applied with the beige color on top (weather side) and white color coating towards the deck side. Suitable substrates include: plywood, OSB, acceptable EnergyGuard™ Insulations, and lightweight insulating concrete. The product is designed to be installed mechanically over approved roofing substrates using acceptable fasteners that include galvanized nails with 1-inch integral heads or Drill-Tec™ fasteners and plates in accordance with applicable specifications. Prior to installing any self-adhering membrane, StormSafe™ Anchor Sheet must be clean and dry. Use care walking on the sheet when it is wet as it may be slippery.


  • System guarantees are available for up to 20 years

  • Lightweight: Adds less than 1.3 lbs per sq to the system

  • Durable: Woven fabric provides superior tear strength and excellent dimensional stability

Applicable Standards
Slip Sheet for Roofing Systems
State of Florida Product Approval
See GAF Applications and Specification Manual or
UL Directory for specific approval

Product Specifications (Nominal)
Roll Size 24 squares
(2400 gross sq. ft.) (222.97 m2)
Roll Length 600' (182.9 m)
Roll Width 48" (1.2 m)
Approx. Roll Weight 67.9 lbs (30.8 kg)


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