Modified Bitumen Roofing - Ruberoid EnergyCap SBS 30 FR

Ruberoid® EnergyCap™ 30 Granule FR

Formerly Ruberoid® EnergyCap™ 30 FR SBS Membrane


Ruberoid® EnergyCap™ 30 Granule FR modified bitumen membrane is a fire-retarding modified bitumen membrane with a factory applied layer of TOPCOAT® EnergyCote™ elastomeric coating. Ruberoid® EnergyCap™ 30 Granule FR is manufactured to stringent GAF specifications. Its core is a strong resilient, non-woven glass mat that is coated with fire retardant SBS polymer modified asphalt and surfaced with extra fine mineral granules and EnergyCote™ elastomeric coating.


Ruberoid® EnergyCap™ 30 Granule FR modified bitumen membrane is designed for new roofing including new roofing and recover applications.


  • Typical system guarantees available or up to 15 years, select system constructions available with up to 20 year guarantee coverage

  • Durable — Ruberoid® EnergyCap™ 30 Granule FR modified bitumen membrane combines the strength of fiberglass reinforcement with the elongation characteristic of SBS Modified asphalt

  • Lightweight — installed roof designs weigh less than 3 pounds per sq. ft.

  • RUBEROID® EnergyCap™ SBS 30 FR modified bitumen membrane membrane is backed by GAF Materials Corporation, a company with over 100 years in the roofing business

  • RUBEROID® EnergyCap™ SBS 30 FR modified bitumen membrane is available in highly reflective brilliant white only

Applicable Standards
Meets ASTM D6163, Type I, Grade G
ASTM C1549, ASTM E903
FM Approved
ICC ESR#1274
State of Florida Product Approval
UL/ULc Listed
Title 24 Compliant
CRRC Listed
Miami Dade County Product Control Approval

Product Specifications (Nominal)
EnergyCap SBS 30 FR (glass mat)
Roll Size 1 square (110.5 gross sq. ft.) (10.27 m2)
Roll Length 32.8' (10 m)
Roll Width 39.375" (1.0 m)
Approx. Roll Weight 98.4 lbs (44.63 kg)
Product Thickness 0.140" (3.56 mm)
Initial Emissivity 0.84
Initial Reflectivity 0.80
SRI (Solar Reflective Index) 99

Note: The emittance and reflectance values published are those required for Title 24 compliance as listed by CRRC. For certification or other reflectance and emittance code requirements, different calculations may be used resulting different values. All EnergyCap products meet LEED requirements. Please contact technical services at
1-800-766-3411 for assistance and submittal information.

This product meets or exceeds the following ASTM D6163, Type II, Grade I,G, minimum requirements:

Property Test Method Value
Tensile Strength @ 0°F (min), lbf/in ASTM D5147 70
Elongation @ 0°F (min), % ASTM D5147 1
Low Temperature Flexibility (max), °F ASTM D5147 0
Tear Strength (min), lbf ASTM D5147 35
Dimensional Stability, (max) % ASTM D5147 0.5


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