FireOut Fire Barrier Coating


FireOut Fire Barrier Coating is a low-VOC, water-based coating system that provides outstanding flame spread and penetration protection to combustible roof decks in the event of fire. Using FireShield® technology, FireOut® Fire Barrier Coating can provide UL Class A performance with mechanically attached and self-adhered TPO, PVC, and modified bitumen roof systems. FireOut Fire Barrier Coating can be applied by roller, squeegee, or airless sprayer, and its rapid application and drying time provides the speed and simplicity to accelerate projects and save time and money over conventional gypsum board or fire-resistant slip sheet systems.

Sizes Available:

5 gallon (19 liter) pail
54 gallon (204 liter) drum


FireOut Fire Barrier Coating is designed to provide UL Class A protection over combustible decks when used with the following systems:

  • EverGuard® Mechanically attached TPO
  • EverGuard® Mechanically attached PVC
  • Ruberoid® Modified Bitumen Membrane
  • Liberty® Self-adhering Modified Bitumen Membrane


  • Self-Extinguishing... active coating expands in the presence of heat or flame to form a protecting insulation layer.
  • Installs Faster... simple, one-step application installs in less than half the time of gypsum board or fire-resistant slip sheet application.
  • Safer Installation... no torches, hot asphalt, or fumes; less material on the roof.
  • Easy Application... choose from spray, roller, or squeegee for maximum flexibility.

Physical Properties

FireOut Fire Barrier Coating
Application Rate:
1.0 gallons/100 sq. ft minimum
Application Temp (air, surface)
42° - 120°F
Drying Time (75°F, 50% RH)
Approximately 1 hour
Wet Mil Thickness
16 wet mils
Dry Mil Thickness
9 dry mils
Solids Content
9.7 lbs per gallon
VOC Content (max):
< 50 grams liter


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