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Master Flow® Rotary Turbines

Deluxe turbines are designed with upper and lower stainless steel ball bearing systems for years of trouble-free operation! Deluxe turbines are available in 12" or 14" sizes, galvanized or aluminum construction, and internally or externally braced (see chart below)

Your Best and Safest Choice!

  • Quiet and Durable... Exclusive stainless dual bearing system for durable, long-lasting smooth and silent operation
  • Super Leak Protection...
    Double ribbed vanes, with convex top, direct even wind-driven rain away from the unit
  • Protects Your Investment...
    Allows heat and moisture laden air to escape your attic, helping to extend the life of your roof
  • Versatile...
    Can be installed virtually on any roof, from 2:12 up to 12:12 pitch
  • Peace Of Mind...
    Limited lifetime warranty backed by GAF, North America’s Largest Roofing and Ventilation Manufacturer *
  • Energy Efficient...
    May even reduce your energy costs!

*See Master Flow® Non-Powered Ventilation Products Ltd Warranty for complete coverage and restrictions

Here’s what makes Master Flow® Deluxe Turbines your best choice!


  • Heavy duty steel spider braces..
    For strength and durability  
  • Bottom ring included...
    For easier and faster installation on base and superior weather protection


  • Encased design...
    Helps prevent dirt, dust, sand, and other foreign materials from damaging the bearings, resulting in a smoother spin  
  • Permanently lubricated track system..
    Insures years of trouble-free spinning  
  • Special design prevents metal-to-metal contact...
    Results in less friction for a truer, smoother spin, and superior wear resistance


  • Case hardened steel...
    For long-lasting strength and durability


  • Pre-punched bottom and crimped collar...
    Fits tighter, makes installation easier  
  • One-piece design...
    For easy adjustability up to 12:12 pitch without removing turbine  
  • Extra-large flashing...
    For easier installation and superior weather protection


  • Simple, mechanically-locked, 2-piece design...
    Allows for faster, easier installation


Miami Dade (GC12EF Only)

Texas Department of Insurance Product Evaluation Report
RV-37 (GC12EF) & RV-38 (AIC12, AIC14, G1C12)

Florida Building Code
(GC12EF Only)

How Many Do I Need? (Based on 1/300 Rule)
Total Attic
Square Footage
Recommended Number
Of Turbines†
Minimum Intake
Ventilation (Net Free Area In Sq. In.)
12" 14"
0-1000 2 2 240
1001-1500 2 2 360
1501-2000 3 2 480
2001-2500 4 3 600
2501-3000 4 3 720
3001-3500 5 4 840
†Based on wind velocity of 8 mph

Replacement Turbine Heads, Bases, and Weather Caps

Replacement Heads, Bases & Caps
Part No. Type Construction Bracing
GT12E Head Galvanized
(fits 12" turbines; packed 1 per case)
SBX12 Base Galvanized
(fits 12" turbines; packed 1 per case)
WC12 Weather Cap Galvanized
(fits 12" turbines; packed 15 per case)

  • Replacement Head...
    Fits most other brands of turbine bases
  • Simple Adjustment...
    Bases adjustable for roof pitches up to 12:12
  • Safer...
    Weather caps can be used to replace turbine heads during anticipated severe weather conditions

Mil Black Weath. Wood Size Construction Bracing Ltd. Warranty*
AIC14 AIC14BL AIC14WW 14" Aluminum Internal Ltd. Lifetime
GC12E - GC12EWW 12" Galvanized External Ltd. Lifetime
GC12EF - - 12" Galvanized External Ltd. Lifetime
G1C12 GIC12BL GIC12WW 12" Galvanized Internal Ltd. Lifetime
AIC12 - - 12" Aluminum Internal Ltd. Lifetime


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