Master Flow® Green Machine™ Solar-Powered
EcoSmart Ridge Vent

A Solar-Powered Ridge Vent will help to:
  • Provide increased airflow over typical ridge vents, turbines and
    roof louvers to help reduce hot or moist air in your attic
  • Maintain the beauty of your roof by incorporating the
    superior look of a shingle-over ridge vent
  • Remove the expense and hassle of scheduling electricians
  • Eliminate electric costs by running off the sun’s energy (when it is needed most).
    When the sun is not out, it reverts to a typical static ridge vent

Master Flow® Green Machine™ Solar-Powered EcoSmart Ridge Vents have earned the prestigious Good Housekeeping Seal (U.S. only).

Homeowner’s Best Choice

  • Improves Your Ventilation System…
    More effective than (and a great replacement for) roof louvers or turbine style vents

  • Vents Your Attic…
    750 CFM for excellent airflow. Up to 25 times more airflow than typical stand-alone ridge vents and comparable to typical power vents

  • No-Hassle Operation…
    No extra wiring or expensive, hard-to-schedule electricians needed

  • Low Cooling Costs…
    Solar powered to reduce related energy costs

  • Looks Great…
    Provides superior aesthetics. The low-profile solar panels virtually blend into your ridge line

  • Thermostat Controlled…
    Allows the unit to switch from a typical ridge vent to a solar powered vent, for increased airflow when you need it most

  • Adjustable Solar Panel…
    Integral tilt design for optimal solar exposure

  • Impact-Resistance…
    Solar panels tested to withstand hail and foreign object impact for long-lasting operation

  • Peace of Mind…
    Backed by 5 year ltd. warranty, with 2 year "Labor Protection Plus" from GAF, North America’s Largest Roofing and Ventilation Manufacturer*

Key Product Characteristics

  • Unit Size: 14" wide x 18" tall
  • Solar Panel Size: 2 panels- 24" x 7" each
  • Impact resistant, UL approved solar panels
  • Adjustable thermostat included
  • Up to 750 CFM when running on solar panels
  • ETL Approved

Usage Recommendations (Based on 1/300 Rule)

Total Attic
Square Footage
Recommended # of Solar-Powered
Ridge Vents
Minimum Intake Ventilation
(Net Free Area in Sq. In.)

NOTE: The amount of exhaust ventilation should NEVER exceed the amount of soffit ventilation.

*See limited warranty for complete coverage & restrictions


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