Masonex Clear Masonry Sealer
Help Protect Your Exterior Vertical Masonry Surfaces Against Moisture Infiltration

Masonex Clear Masonry Sealer will help to:

  • Repel moisture, acid rain, and de-icing chemicals from your vertical exterior masonry surfaces

  • Retain the natural beauty of your masonry surfaces without added color, glaze, or sheen

  • Avoid solvent odors and messy clean-up






Homeowner's Best Choice

  • Great Protection... Helps repel moisture, acid rain, and de-icing chemicals and protect against spalling and freeze/thaw

  • Retains Natural Appearance... Clear coat creates no visible glaze, gloss, or sheen

  • UV Stable... Helps to avoid discoloration or yellowing over time

  • Water-based Formula... Contains no solvents or solvent odors

  • Peace of Mind... Covered by ltd. warranty on materials for up to 5 years*

Professional's Best Choice

  • Versatile... For use on exterior, above-grade vertical masonry surfaces such as concrete, aggregate, brick, stone, stone veneer, and stucco

  • Premium Quality Formula... Silicone emulsion with reactive silane microscopically locks into masonry substrates to help repel moisture

  • Added Customer Value... Differentiate yourself by offering property owners additional value-added services on your roofing and siding jobs

  • Easy Application... Can be applied in a single-coat surface flood treatment using a brush or roller, as well as an airless, conventional, or pump sprayer

  • Simple Clean Up... With soap and water

Nominal Specs:

For use on above-grade, vertical exterior masonry surfaces

  • Sizes: 1-gallon (3.8 liter) jug or 5-gallon (19 liter) pail

  • Approx. Weight Per Gallon: 8.3 lb (3.8 kg)

  • Approx. Application Rate: 1 gallon/100 ft2(4.1 L/10 sq. m). (Coverage may vary due to porosity of substrate.)

  • Shelf Life: 12 months from the date of manufacture in unopened containers, if stored properly.

  • Storage: Store material in a clean and well-ventilated area at 40°F — 90°F (4.4°C — 32.2°C) Do NOT open container until ready to use.

* See Liquid Applied 5-Year Limited Warranty (For Walls and Other Vertical Applications) for complete coverage and restrictions.


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