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Acrysheen Sealer is a water-based, penetrating sealer designed to produce a clear, semi-gloss surface sheen. It is manufactured from advanced acrylic resins to form a durable finish that provides long-term water-repellency, increased dirt pick-up resistance, and weather protection.

Sizes Available:

1 quart bucket
1 gallon bucket
2 gallon (7.6 liter) bucket
5 gallon (19 liter) pail
54 gallon drum


Acrysheen Sealer was specifically developed as a penetrating sealer for use over properly prepared smooth or textured concrete, exposed aggregate concrete, brick, stone or stucco surfaces where a semigloss sheen is desired.

Acrysheen Sealer imparts a slick, semi-gloss film over a variety of substrates, providing for increased dirt pick-up resistance. Acrysheen Sealer protects the substrate against atmospheric deterioration with a clear, semi-gloss film that provides water-repellency and surface sheen without significantly altering the natural color or texture of the substrate. GAF recommends that a sample test area be applied, and approval be obtained, prior to any general application of the material. Acrysheen Sealer may bring out the natural color of the particular concrete or masonry surface being sealed, resulting in a darkened appearance, as if wetted. Apply the test area on an inconspicuous area of the actual building to determine the optimum coverage rate to achieve uniformity of sheen, as well as to determine the suitability of the application technique.


  • Semi-gloss finish increases dirt pick-up resistance
  • Facilitates cleanability
  • Protects against industrial airborne chemicals
  • Reduces soil and fume absorption
  • Minimizes run-down discoloration
  • Prevents moisture staining of surfaces
  • Minimizes efflorescence
  • Excellent ultraviolet resistance
  • Conforms to most VOC regulations
  • Reduces spalling and deterioration
  • Water-Based – No flammable solvents

Physical Properties

Solids by Weight 19% (±.5) [ASTM D2369]
Solids by Volume 18% (±.5) [ASTM D2697]
Weight per Gallon 8.5 lbs (3.9 kg) (±.2)
[ASTM D1475]
Dry Time to Touch 1 HOUR @ 75°F (24°C), 50% R.H.
[ASTM D1640]
Cure Time 3 hours @ 75°F (24°C) [ASTM D1640]
Low & High
Temperature Limits
-40°F to 180°F (-40°C to 82°C)
Gloss 85 (±5) (60° Gardner) [ASTM D523]
VOC < 100 g />L


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