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Roof Mate Coating is a water-based elastomeric coating utilizing the latest advances in acrylic technology. Premium quality acrylic resins are combined with an effective biocide package and non-migrating fire retardants, resulting in superior durability, weatherproofing, ultraviolet resistance, algae/mildew resistance and fire retardancy. Roof Mate Coating is a highly reflective, permanently flexible “breathing” coating, allowing moisture vapor from the substrate or building interior to escape while remaining impervious to mass water penetration from the exterior.

Sizes Available:

1 gallon (3.8 liter) bucket
5 gallon (19 liter) pail
54 gallon (204 liter) drum

Colors Available:

White, Lt Tan, Lt Gray, Tan, Gray
custom: Slate Blue, Patina Green, Teal Green, Evergreen, Terra Cotta

Basic Uses

Roof Mate Coating was especially developed for extending the life of metal, conventional built-up, modified bitumen, concrete, Hypalon, EPDM, and TPO roofs. Roof Mate Coating forms a waterproof elastomeric seal, uniformly covering the textured profile of various substrates to form a monolithic coating, providing protection from normal weathering, aging and ultraviolet exposure. It is also effective in sealing and encapsulating galvanized metal roofs, preventing residual zinc run-off.

Roof Mate Coating is available in standard White, Tan, Light Tan and Solar Gray colors, which are certified to meet ENERGY STAR®, Cool Roof Rating Council (CRRC) and LEED reflectance and emissivity criteria. White and Light Tan also meet California Title 24 requirements. If a faster drying white topcoat is desired, Roof Mate Coating is available in a Quick-Set version (Roof Mate Coating QS). The QS formulation provides a more rapid skin-over time than standard Roof Mate Coating, which helps to prevent wash-off from a light rain or dew in 30 to 60 minutes, depending upon ambient temperature & humidity. Roof Mate Coating is also available in a High-Tensile version (Roof Mate Coating HT), which provides approximately twice the tensile strength, tear strength and elongation properties for roof areas subject to heavy maintenance traffic, severe weather conditions, chemical fallout, etc.

Physical Properties

Solids by Weight 66% (±2) [ASTM D1644]
Solids by Volume 53% (±2) [ASTM D2697]
Weight Per Gallon 11.8 lbs. (±0.2) (1.41 kg/l)
[ASTM D1475]
Ultimate Tensile
284 psi (±20) (1.95 MPa) @ 75°F
[ASTM D2370]
at Break
258% (±30) @ 75°F (24°C)
[ASTM D2370]
*Roof Mate Coating is unique in that it
maintains its elongation values at
freezing temperatures, as well as after
extended weathering.
Hardness 55-65 Shore A [ASTM D2240]
Permeance 5.7 U.S. perms (3.76 metric perms)
@ 20 mils (508 microns)
[ASTM D1653]
Bond Strength Exceeds cohesive strength of coating
[ASTM C297]
VOC < 50 g />L
Dry Time for Water
3 hours @ 70°F (21°C), 50% R.H.
White @ 16 wet mils (406 microns)
*Required time will increase at higher
humidity and/or lower temperatures
No deleterious effects after 5,000
hours [ASTM D822, ASTM G23]
Weather Resistance No deleterious effects after 5,000
hours [ASTM D822, ASTM G23]
High Temperature
No age hardening up to 250°F (121°C)
[ASTM D794]
Resistance to Wind
Driven Rain
0.3% moisture result
[Federal Specification TTC-555B]
Surface Temperature
Limits for Service
-30°F to 180°F
(-35°C to 82°C)


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