United Coatings SP Primer

Enhance the adhesion of top coats over existing or new single-ply TPO and most PVC membranes

Why United Coatings SP Primer?

United Coatings SP Primer is a low-viscosity, high-build, water-based acrylic primer that develops a tenacious bond to new or existing TPO and most PVC single-ply membranes. It was designed for providing optimum adhesion of Roof Mate Coatings and other acrylic top coats over these roofing subsrates.


Substrate Preparation: Roof must have positive drainage with no moisture trapped in the roof membrane. Roof substrate must be clean, completely dry, and free from any foreign matter. Pressure-wash to remove all dust and debris, and allow to dry. Examine substrate to receive new roofing and conduct test patches to verify adhesion of coating prior to start of work. Check for any damaged roof membranes, including all flashings and penetrations, and repair as needed.

Application: Apply United Coatings SP Primer at the rate of 0.50 – 1 gal/100 ft2 (2.04 – 4.08 L/10 m2), using airless spray or roller, to the properly prepared surface. Substrate porosity and condition will determine the required application rate. Allow United Coatings SP Primer to dry thoroughly prior to top coating. This will require approximately 3 hours at 75°F (24°C) and 50% relative humidity. Allow longer dry time at lower temperatures and/or higher humidity.

For Application Questions: Contact GAF Technical Services at 1-800-766-3411 or visit gaf.com.


  • Easy to apply
  • Cost effective
  • Low viscosity
  • High build
  • Water based
  • Low odor

Applicable Standards

ASTM D2369, ASTM D5201, ASTM D1475, ASTM D2370

Physical Properties

Solids by Weight 64% (±2) [ASTM D2369]
Solids by Volume 52% (±2) [ASTM D5201]
Weight per Gallon 11.6 lbs (±.2) [ASTM D1475]
VOC < 50g />mL [ASTM D3960]
Ultimate Tensile Strength 175 psi (± 20) [ASTM D2370]
Elongation at Break 210% (±20) [ASTM D2370]
Tear Strength 76 (±10) [ASTM D624]
Hardness (Shore A) 40 to 50 [ASTM D2240]
Dry Time 3 hours @ 75°F (24°C), 50% R.H. [ASTM D1640]
Surface Tack None


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