Adhere-It® II Primer

Rinsable cleaner for black EPDM surfaces


Adhere-It® II Primer is a breakthrough product specifically developed for dramatically increasing the bond of United Coatings Roof Mate Coating to new or weathered black EPDM surfaces. Adhere-It® II Primer is a low-viscosity clear liquid that chemically alters the black EPDM surface to which it is applied, creating a “lock-and-key” effect with the subsequent United Coatings Roof Mate Coating.

  • Custom... Specifically made for new or weathered black EPDM surfaces

  • Convenient... Material is ready to use

  • Cost-effective... Low-VOC and water-based primer

  • Easy to Use... Can be applied with a conventional, airless, or Hudson-type agricultural sprayer


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