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TOPCOAT Matrix 101 SBS Flashing Cement

Matrix™ 101 Premium SBS Membrane Adhesive

Formerly TOPCOAT® Matrix™ MajorBond™ Modified Bitumen Adhesive

Matrix™ 102 SBS Membrane Adhesive

Superior Bonding Strength & Flexibility

Matrix™ 103 Cold Process Adhesive

Membrane Adhesive for Built-Up Roofs

Matrix™ 201 Premium SBS Flashing Cement

Superior Bonding for Maximum Flexibility and Hold

Matrix™ 202 SBS Flashing Cement

Highly Modified / Smooth Application

Matrix™ 203 Plastic Roof Cement

Long-Lasting Sealant / Trowel-Grade Consistency

Matrix™ 204 Wet/Dry Roof Cement

Great For Emergency Repairs – Even Wet Surfaces

Matrix™ 307 Premium Asphalt Primer

Promotes Excellent Bond for Asphalt Roof Systems

TOPCOAT Matrix MajorBond Flashing Cement

MajorSeal™ Liquid Flashing

Moisture-cure polyether sealant used with reinforcing fabric to waterproof difficult penetrations

M-Thane One Part Pourable Sealant

M-Thane One-Part Pourable Sealant

Self-leveling moisture-cure polyether sealant used in the M-Curb Pitch-Pocket System

M-Thane Two Part Pourable Sealant

M-Thane Two-Part Pourable Sealant

Self-leveling two-part Urethane Sealant used in the M-Curb Pitch-Pocket System



Non-slump, moisture-cure polyether adhesive/sealant used in the M-Curb Pitch-Pocket System


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