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GAFGLAS® #80 Ultima™ Base Sheet


GAFGLAS® #80 Ultima™ Base Sheet is a high performance, asphalt coated, glass-reinforced roofing base sheet. Special Loctite™ closed-pore design prevents bleed-through while providing long-lasting leak protection in a variety of demanding applications.


Heavyweight construction is ideal for all premium roofing systems:

  • For ultimate leak protection...
    In applications when the potential cost of damage from a leak is severe

  • As an effective flame retarder...
    When used in torch-applied modified bitumen systems

  • In place of organic felts...
    Under tile roofs or in BUR systems

  • Great for nailable systems...
    Where bleed-through can cause premature failure from deck movement (especially plywood decks)

  • For difficult roofing situations...
    Where the performance of a lighter-weight base sheet is inadequate

  • Enhances many systems...
    When used in place of standard base sheets, improves the overall performance of a BUR or modified bitumen system

  • Superior investment...
    When life cycle cost is more important than the initial installed cost


  • Helps prevent splitting and leakage...
    Closed-pore design means asphalt doesn’t bleed through, so system remains independent of deck movement when mechanically attached

  • Saves labor...
    Rolls out flat for easy installation

  • Reliable performance...
    Resists long-term curling and shrinkage that can cause premature roof failure (as can happen with organic products)

  • Inorganic Micro Weave Core...
    Helps prevent decay and provides superior tensile strength with dimensional stability

  • Highest fire rating...
    For use in UL Class A rated assemblies

  • System guarantees are available for up to 20 years

Applicable Standards
Meets ASTM D4601, Type II
FM Approved
ICC ESR # 1274
Miami-Dade County Product Control Approval
State of Florida Product Approval
UL/ULc Listed

Product Specifications (Nominal)
Roll Size 2 squares (214 gross sq. ft.) (19.9 m2)
Roll Length 65.2' (19.9 m)
Roll Width 39.3752' (1.0 m)
Approx. Roll Weight 80 lbs (36.3 kg)


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