Non-Wovens - Learn about Non-Woven Fabrics

GAF Performance Nonwoven Fabrics are extremely versatile and can be utilized in a variety of applications.

Whether your needs are roofing and building, wet and dry filtration, flooring and carpeting, automotive, facer, composite or decorative, GAF products may be the solution.GAF focuses on your specific criteria and offers experienced technical staff to help solve your unique application requirements.

In 1978, GAF began production of fiberglass nonwovens in our Ennis, Texas facility.

While Ultra-Mat® was originally developed specifically for the roofing industry, GAF has expanded its capabilities and capacity. Included are sales to other shingle manufacturers and development and sales of both fiberglass and polyester mat for a variety of non-roofing markets. In 1987, GAF formed the Nonwoven Materials Group to further expand and diversify GAF's market presence and product capability.

Today, GAF enjoys a solid presence and leadership position in the development and production of both polyester nonwoven products and wet-laid industrial fiberglass.


Contact Us with your requirements, and see if we can offer or develop a solution to meet your unique and specific needs.

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