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When a home or business has been hit by a storm, owners will need a trustworthy and reliable roofing contractor to help assess and make the necessary repairs. GAF has put together this storm guide to help contractors and distributors spring into action and assist their neighbors who have been caught in nature’s path.

What is storm damage?

A storm can take on various forms: it can be a tornado, hurricane, hailstorm, heavy rain, or snow with strong winds. Here are some details on what that could mean for a roof:

  • Hailstorms rarely last more than 15 minutes, but the damage can be devastating. Hail pounding on a roof could cause dents, missing granules, bruising, or cracking in shingles.

  • Strong winds that typically accompany storms can cause shingles to crack, bend, break off, or fly off, leaving the roof and the interior of a building vulnerable to leaks or further damage.

Helping Homeowners

As a contractor, it’s important to educate homeowners about their options. GAF Shingles pass torturous requirements that help predict long-term shingle performance. Check out our "Extreme Shingle Testing" video to see how much these shingles endure to protect a home.

In addition to GAF’s lineup of popular shingles like Timberline® and our Designer series, GAF also offers two great shingle options with impact-resistance.

Timberline® Armor Shield II Shingles
Grand Sequoia® ArmorShield Shingles

These shingles offer excellent wind ratings, pass the toughest industry impact-resistance test, and deliver Advanced Protection® Shingle Technology to help reduce the use of natural resources. Plus, homeowners may quality to receive insurance discounts (check with insurance agent for details).

Helping Businesses

Storm damage to commercial roofs can take on a different form compared to a residential roof. Common types of damage to low-slope roofs include:

  • Membrane bruising from hailstone impact
  • Fracturing, which can be visible or hidden
  • Granule/surfacing loss caused by hailstones
  • Blistering/splitting due to impacts
  • Moisture entry causing cuts, punctures, tears, or other damage
  • Metal work/skylights/equipment damage that can result in leaks

GAF’s EverGuard® TPO membranes far exceed the performance of “standard” TPO membranes. EverGuard® Fleece-back TPO even has system configurations for enhanced hail resistance.

Selling Tools

GAF offers a variety of tools to help contractors do their job easily and effectively.

  • Pro Roof Estimator. An estimator tool pre-loaded with product information, pictures, warranties and other facts

  • SalesPro. Helps contractors create custom in-home sales presentations.

  • Virtual Home Remodeler. Allows the homeowner to see different GAF shingles applied to their home in real-time.

Learn more about these and other apps.

Talking with Insurance Agents

Here are some tips to advise homeowners and businesses on how to work with an insurance claims adjuster:

  1. Get all the documents and evidence needed. Answer the questions about the damage and condition of the building accurately and completely.

  2. Be careful about what you say. Don’t give out more information than they ask for. Remember that they work for the insurance company and have their best interest in mind, not necessarily yours.

  3. Be patient and calm when talking to an adjuster. Don’t say something that will jeopardize your claim.

  4. If you don’t get the settlement offer you were expecting, be prepared to show proof to support your case.

  5. If all else fails and the process is getting more complicated than you can handle, contact a lawyer to learn about your options.

Getting Trained

GAF offers a number of training opportunities for contractors to increase their knowledge and skills. CARE, the Center for the Advancement of Roofing Excellence, has provided education to over 200,000 professionals. See their training site to find the right course for you.

In addition, GAF has a number of training videos to help you master the roof. Be ready for increased demand when a storm hits your area. GAF factory-certified contractors are always armed and ready to help tackle that demand by storm.

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