Mastering the Roof is a comprehensive video series that provides instruction on the installation of GAF residential roofing systems and components.

Mastering The Roof Introduction

Installation of GAF roofing systems and components.

Roofing Danger Signals

Danger signals of a poorly installed roofing system don't have to appear only on the roof or ceiling.

Safety on the Roof

Safety plays an important role in your everyday work and allows you to protect your workers from unnecessary injury.

Roof Deck Tear Off and Preparation

Nothing is more critical in roofing than preparing the surface under the shingles.

Drip Edge Installation Tutorial

The drip edge is critical to provide a finished look and to add waterproofing.

Installing Weather Watch® and StormGuard® Leak Barrier

Installation of Weather Watch® and StormGuard® leak barrier tutorial.

Installing Premium Deck Protection Underlayment

The proper installation of high quality roof deck protection underlayment is the foundation on which the roof is built.


Proper fastening is critical to the performance of any roof system.

Installing GAF Starter Course

This video demonstrates the proper installation technique for starter strip shingles. Starter courses are important for wind resistance.

Installing Camelot® Roofing Shingles

This video demonstrates the proper installation technique for Camelot® Shingles.

Installing Timberline® Roofing Shingles

This video demonstrates the proper installation technique for Timberline® Shingles.

How to Shingle Roof Valleys

This video demonstrates the proper installation technique for installing roofing valleys; the open, woven, and closed cut methods are demonstrated.

Flashing Installation

Flashing is used to seal and protects joints in a building from water penetration by direct the flow of water away from these otherwise vulnerable areas.

The Liberty™ Low Slope Roofing System

This segment covers the installation of Liberty Cap Sheet, Liberty Base Sheet and Liberty Self Adhering base-ply Sheet.

Installing GAF Cobra® Ridge Vents and Attic Ventilation

90% of homes in North America are inadequately ventilated. Attics need effective ventilation to keep homes cool. Intake and ridge vents working together are best.

Finishing the Perfect Roofing Job

Completing the job properly results in a very satisfied customer and a great reference for future work Here's a simplified checklist that can help you when doing the final inspection.

Professional Installation
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